Imagine a world where plastic
biodegrades in landfills.

Imagine no longer.

An additive that makes plastic biodegrade faster

biodegradable plastic additive

What is it?

It's not magic!

What is it?

Breakdown Plastic is an organic additive that is added to plastic during manufacturing. LEARN MORE

plastic disposal

How does it work?

All the details.

How does it work?

Our additive makes plastic irresistible to microbes so the plastic breaks down like organic material. LEARN MORE

landfill friendly plastic

Why is it great?

An amazing solution.

Why is it great?

80-90% of plastic ends up in landfills. Breakdown Plastic will eliminate this excess of plastic waste. LEARN MORE

About Breakdown Plastic

Breakdown Plastic is the manufacturer and distributor of organic additives. Our additives use patented technology to enhance the biodegradation of plastic products in a biologically active landfill. It can be added to most types of plastics.

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What the tests are showing

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding — or in our case, the proof is disappearing from the landfill. Get it?

Read and review the results from the extensive testing done on plastic made with Breakdown Plastic additive.

The science behind it
Breakdown Plastic Additive

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World’s plastic waste issue as dangerous as climate change

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