A planet with landfill
friendly plastics

Breakdown Plastic is a revolutionary additive, transforming your plastic waste into biodegradable trash….or as we like to call it, Landfill friendly plastic.

The science
  • plastic additive
    Did you know?
    This tent can be made with Breakdown Plastic? And won't biodegrade while you are sleeping.
  • Save the planet

    It is crazy to think that even with the extensive recycling programs, almost 90% of all plastic ends up in the landfill. Thank goodness for Breakdown Plastic.

    The great news is that Breakdown Plastic is designed for landfills, biodegrading in 1-5 years*

    of all plastic ends
    up in a landfill

    It’s Inexpensive

    With a load rate of just 1% by weight, Breakdown Plastic adds a minimal cost.

    It actually works

    Breakdown Plastic does work! Just a small dose of our additive in your plastic products and you now have a landfill friendly product….don’t believe it? Check out our test results.

    It’s the right thing to do

    With the world drowning in plastic waste, now is the time to be responsible. Let us help in achieving your environmental goals and make your products biodegradable* with Breakdown Plastic

    Increase your profits

    Businesses are built to earn revenue. Many companies have a strong environmental conscience, and Breakdown Plastic can help with both. By marketing the use of "Breakdown Plastic" in your products, you can attract new customers or give your company the edge on your competitor, for a very low added cost.

    Learn more

    We're always excited to talk about our additive—after all it could revolutionize the waste problem that has been piling up for years!



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    * Biodegradation rates of Breakdown Plastic materials measured according to the ASTM D5511 test method. Actual biodegradation rates will vary in biologically active landfills according to the type of plastic used, the product configuration, and the solid content, temperature and moisture levels of the landfill.