Isn’t it time to
change plastic for good?

BDP® is a revolutionary ingredient that is easily added to plastic in almost all its forms.

The Science
  • Plastic biodegradable
    Did you know?
    Almost 80% of all plastic on earth ends up in a landfill?
  • An organic ingredient that is blended into plastic
    during manufacturing.

    Disposal Plastic

    BDP® only accelerates what naturally occurs over time, it just happens in a few years instead of centuries. It can be used in plastic, rubber, foam and even synthetic fabric.

    Not just for plastic bags!

    BDP® can be used in coating for paper cups, toys, furniture, even clothing! Yup... those old jeans and running shoes will end up in the trash too! BDP® will change it for good.

    The Science behind it

    What does it do?

    BDP® attracts microbes to the plastics in oxygen free, microbe rich environments such as landfills, oceans and soil. What would otherwise take centuries, BDP® reduces to years.

    After plastic breaks down, what is left?

    Only natural stuff! Our treated plastics are digested by microbes and the byproducts of this process are biogas and humus. The bio gases can be collected for clean energy and the humus is just organic compost.

    Biodegradable Plastic Bag

    Can you spot the
    difference? We doubt it.

    Products made with BDP® look exactly the same as regular plastic. They are just as strong, flexible and shelf stable. Cool right?

    Disposable Plastic

    Information about ordering and shipping

    We sell minimum orders of 441 lbs (200 kg), shipped in 55 lb (25 kg) cases up to 1,000lb (454kg) gaylords.


    Try a sample of our BDP® polymer

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