Behind The Movement

Change Plastic for Good® has a vision of creating a brand for truly sustainable products that would be easily recognized by businesses and consumers.

Our vision is creating a brand for truly sustainable products

Ryan Jesse and Ty Logan, the founders of Change Plastic for Good® had a vision of creating a brand for truly sustainable products that would be easily recognized by businesses and consumers. The butterfly was chosen as a logo because it represents metamorphosis, a change to the structure and to the process of plastic and the way it is managed after use.

The butterfly represents regeneration and it couldn’t happen without an incredible biotechnology and that is the reason for the passion that drove Ryan and Ty to start Change Plastic for Good®

Ryan Jesse, Founder / CEO

The BDP® biotechnology was developed in the late 90’s as a biomedical application and commercialized a decade later for plastics. This biotechnology creates a potential to convert stubborn plastics in to very valuable byproducts. The way this happens is by diverting organic waste from landfill to Anaerobic Digesters (AD). Although not a main source of waste disposal, these digesters exist today and are used to create clean biogas, fertilizer and compost from home and agricultural organic waste. This environment is ideal for BDP® treated plastics, especially the stubborn non recyclable ones and thats what they focus on. Products like automotive panels are made up of a mix of plastics like so many other products, and cannot be recycled. Not only does this achieve a natural end of life for plastics like these if they end up in nature or landfill, but it sets the stage for the day where all stubborn plastics can be converted biologically into natural byproducts through AD. Anaerobic Digesters are the future and Change Plastic for Good® is on a mission to disrupt this space.

The Change Plastic for Good® model is a disruption to the whole waste industry and the process of donating a portion of profits to ocean clean up organizations make it a lucrative story to tell. Brands can now use an affordable eco friendly ingredient that has years of scientific data to validate its efficacy all the while attracting new customers with a message of clean up and clean energy!

The butterfly is licensed and a portion of BDP® sales go to fund ocean clean up, education on recycling and infrastructure. Any product bearing the butterfly logo symbolizes a new gold standard of regenerative sustainability, and the brands and consumers become the heroes. City to city, Change Plastic for Good® will integrate AD systems to help communities access clean energy, compost and fertilizer for farming all while eliminating plastic waste. This is the essence of regenerative circular economy!

Today, Change Plastic for Good Ltd. works with sustainability experts, scientists and universities to develop even more groundbreaking technologies to limit plastic usage and waste, keeping the carbon footprint at the forefront of every decision. They offer BDP®, custom resin formulations involving waste materials like sawdust from the paper industry, bamboo fibre resins and soon, an all-in-one recycled plastic BDP®-treated resin.

They are leaders in anti-greenwashing with a new project called ‘Thunderforce’, tasked with calling out greenwashing in the product industry. CHECK IT OUT!